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Jute Soil Saver Matting for Erosion Control

Erosion control jute soil saver matting is an organic loose woven jute mesh used for erosion control, to hold seeds intact, and prevent soil erosion.

Standard 1.22 Lbs Soil Saver Jute Netting


Grade: Natural (MOT)
Width: 48"
Weight: 1.22 Lbs/yard (500 gm/m2)
Ends x Pick: 6.5 x 4.5 / 10 cm
Packing-1: 75 yards per Roll; 480 Rolls/40' FCL
Packing-2: 600 yards/bale; 52 Bales/20' FCL
Packing-3: 900 yards/bale; 34 Bales/20' FCL
Availability: Make-to-Order

It is often referred to as geo-jute, anti erosion fabric, anti erosion mesh, soil erosion fabric, soil erosion matting, anti-wash, jute matting, jute mesh, jute netting for Erosion Control, and jute blanket.

We produce jute soil saver matting of width 48 inches and packed in either rolls or bales as per your requirements of various length.

Jute soil erosion matting absorbs the kinetic energy of the erosive elements (rain, wind, etc) and stabilizes the soil surface, creating over these numerous micro-dams.

100% natural & biodegradable jute netting holds moisture for enhanced seed germination while stabilizing seed and soil on slopes during heavy rains.

As soon as the grass emerges and roots get established well enough, the jute matting's fiber gets decomposed in the soil; providing a mulching effect in return.

Applications of jute soil saver matting include, but not limited to, landscaping, grass establishment, natural revegetation sites, mine sites, sand hills, coastal areas with high winds, wetlands, and riparian slopes, etc.

Jute anti erosion mesh is an economical form of erosion control. It is 100% biodegradable organic product made from Jute.

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