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Burlap Jute Hessian Fabric

Jute Hessian Cloth is a natural material that is made out of fibers of the jute plant. It is also called as Burlap Fabric in the USA and Canada and Crocus in the Caribbean.

We produce hessian (burlap) cloth from 6.5 Oz/yard to 12 Oz/yard (198.5 ~ 366.2 gm/m2). However, below-mentioned Hessian Fabrics are the most common which people are using.

The hessian fabric is 100% biodegradable which makes it a true friend of the environment as well as the strongest natural fiber-made cloth as it is hard to tear and can stand up to great pressure.

Burlap is also extremely weather resistant and can be dried over again after becoming moist. Hessian Fabric can be colored, sewn, treated to protect against rotting and even laminated.

Hessian is a good material that allows the products to breathe and so resists condensation and associated spoilage of contents. Therefore it plays a vital role in packaging for various kinds of goods like coffee beans, tobacco, cotton, rooibos tea, vegetables, etc.

Burlap Fabric is widely used in decorations like upholstery, curtains, wreaths, valances, wedding decors, etc. as well as in gardening as tree skirts, protective shades for trees, etc. and also in building and constructions, concrete water curing, frost protection, etc.

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