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Jute Carpet Backing Cloth

Carpet Backing Cloth made from jute commonly used as the base or backing material for both woven and tufted carpets.

5.5 oz Jute Carpet Backing Cloth


Grade: Natural (MOT)
Width: 150"
Weight: 5.5 oz/yard (169.5 gm/m2)
PxS: 9x8Edge: Selvedged
Packing: 1000 yards per Roll in Paper Tube
Loading: 27 Rolls per 40' Container
Availability: Make - to - Order
Custom Orders: Yes

It is of a plain open weave construction and is quite stiff. Therefore, jute backing on carpets adds dimensional stability and also provides with biodegradability features in the carpets.

We produce jute carpet backing cloth in various widths and weights which are packed in rolls of 1000 yards.

Jute backing cloth can be used as secondary carpet backing and also primary carpet backing as well. Primary carpet backing provides a tufting surface, while secondary carpet backing is bonded onto the primary backing for an overlay.

Jute carpet backing cloth has many other usages as construction textiles, protective textiles, frost protection fabric, etc.

Carpet backing cloths are available in various qualities and widths. Qualities are available from 4.53 oz/yard to 12 oz/yard and widths from 80 inches to 203 inches!

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