Civil war jute ration bags, made of jute sacking cloth, are the best choice as jute bags are tough yet flexible carrying and storing in rough conditions

Jute Ration Bags


Grade: Natural / Food Grade
Size: 23" x 18"
Weight: 300 grams per Bag
Sewing: HerakleMouth: Hemmed
Marks: Plain & Without Marks
Packing: 500 Bags per Iron Bound Bale
Loading: 175 Bales per 40' Container
Availability: Make-to-Order
Custom Orders: Yes

Jute Ration bags have usage in various situations like civil wars, combat fields, humanitarian crises, etc., where one of the challenges is the supply of life-saving materials.

Civil war ration bags made of jute are the best choice to pack the materials as jute bags are quite tough but flexible yet to carry and store in rough conditions.

Again the plain open weave construction of jute bags allows airflow into the bags, so that contents like foodstuff do not get mold and rancid which is crucial to remove the chances of bacterial outbreaks in humanitarian crises.

Generally, one side and bottom of these civil war ration bags come with herakle sewing and with the hemmed mouth. But there are options to stitch the sides with a safety sewing.

Additionally, sides or edges of the bags can even be reinforced for extra strength to bear the pressure of content into the sacks, loading, and unloading.

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