Jute Hessian Burlap Sandbags for Flood Control, barricades for erosion, traffic control and military fortification - M/s. Goodman Global, Bangladesh

Jute Hessian Burlap Sandbags


Size: 33 x 14 Inches with a 20 Inch Tie String
Weight: 201 grams per Bag
Sewing: Herakle - Side and BottomMouth: Selvaged
Marks: Plain & without marks
Packing: 1000 Bags per Iron Bound Bale
Loading: 72 Bales per 20ft Container
Availability: Make-to-Order
Custom Orders: Yes

For protection against flood, Jute Burlap Sandbags are the most desirable solution.

Sandbags resist all kinds of severe weather and empty bags can be stored for emergency use for several years in the proper environment.

These are the strongest material for all temporary or permanent protective barriers.

A simple sandbag is made of Jute Burlap and filled with sand or soil, often directly on the intended site, and used for flood control in the construction of levees, berms, dikes, and flood walls.

Other structures built with sandbags include barricades for erosion, traffic control, and military fortification.

It is also called Earth Bag. Burlap sandbags are generally of customized sizes and weights depending on specific requirements in various applications mentioned above.

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