90 kg capacity Standard Binola jute sacking bags with three blue stripes for packing cocoa beans, cashew nuts, copra, wheat, cereals and grains, etc.

90 kg Capacity Standard Binola Jute Sacking Bags


Grade: Food and Natural
Size: 44" x 26.50"
Weight: 2.00 Lbs per Bag
Sewing: Overhead Dry / Herakle
Mouth: Hemmed
Marks: 3 Blue Stripes at middle
Packing: 300 Bags per Iron Bound Bale
Loading: 70 Bales per 20' Container
Availability: Make - to - Order
Custom Orders: Yes

Binola jute sacking bags are generally used for packing cocoa beans, cashew nuts, wheat, copra and other cereals and grains as well.

According to the grains category and as per your market consumption status, you can choose either food grade (vegetable oil treated) or natural grade (mineral oil treated) jute sacking bags.

These 90 kg capacity jute sacks are of lighter weight in twill category of jute sacking bags.

Like others in the category, Binola jute bags  have three blue stripes in the middle on both sides from the hemmed mouth to bottom.

Generally, both sides of these jute bags come with overhead dry sewing. But there are options to stitch the sides with herakle (overlock) sewing, safety sewing.

Additionally, sides or edges of the bags can even be reinforced for extra strength to bear the pressure of content into the sacks, loading, and unloading.

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